2022 CrowdOS Open Source Innovation Competition

To prosper the open-source crowd-sensing ecosystems, explore reforms in open-source education, and promote the development of China's essential software, Northwestern Polytechnical University is now pleased to launch the 2nd CrowdOS Open Source Innovation Competition. Join us; what you do makes CrowdOS a difference!


CrowdOS Open Source Innovation Competition is a worldwide contest based on a mobile crowd-sensing platform named CrowdOS. Northwestern Polytechnical University launched the first competition in 2021 under the guidance of the CCF Open Source Development Committee, the CCF Pervasive Computing Committee, the ACM Xi'an Chapter, and the Shaanxi Computer Society. The event also serves as an entry to the Open Source Task Challenge in the 2021 China Software Open Source Innovation Competition.

This second competition, aiming to enhance participants' ability to design algorithms and develop applications for mobile crowd-sensing computing, is open to academia and industry. It is jointly assisted by well-known universities in China, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing Institute of Technology, and Southeast University.

    Welcome speech by Prof. Zhiwen Yu

 Associate Professor Liang Wang introduces the     CrowdOS system and technologies

  Yixuan Luo and Liruizhao Hou explain the tracks


Three competition tracks are set up; please refer to the GitLink platform for more details.

Download detailed flow and introduction of each track   Track 1   Track 2   Track 3

A total of 100,000 RMB in prizes

Grand Prize: 1 winner

1st Prize: 2 winners

2nd Prize: 5 winners

3rd Prize: 10 winners

All remaining participants that successfully submit their artifacts will receive commemorative participation awards.

3 Judging Criteria

Elemental Criterion: High-school Students
Creative Criterion: Undergraduate Students

Professional Criterion: Graduated Students, IT Engineers

Tech Salon

  An offline tech salon will be held during the competition. In the tech salon, the CrowdOS technical committee will not only answer questions raised by participants but also invite past competition winners to share their experiences and tech giants to share their insights on related cutting-edge techniques.

  Given the Covid-19 epidemic, only the top 15 successfully registered teams are eligible to join the salon, and each team is allowed to have a maximum of 3 participants.



Join us if you are interested.

Step 1: Email us with the following contents


Team name:Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Team members:Harry James Potter(captain)、Hermione Jean Granger、Ronald Billius Weasley

Phone number:138****1429

School/Company:XX University (or XX Company)

Instructor:Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Type of competition:Platform Development Challenge

Desired account:abc

Desired password:12345

Step 2: Fill in the registration form

Fill out this form for preliminary screening


Step 3: Join the official discussion group by QQ

Group number:912492866



Steering Committee Chair

Huaimin Wang (Academician, National University of Defense Technology)
Xingshe Zhou (Professor, Northwestern Polytechnical University)

Competition Committee Chairman

Zhiwen Yu (Professor, Northwestern Polytechnical University)

Judging Committee

Bin Guo (Northwestern Polytechnical University, President)
Liming Chen (Ulster University)
Chi Liu (Beijing Institute of Technology)
En Wang (Jilin University)
Jiangtao Wang (Coventry University)
Leye Wang (Peking University)
Liang Wang (Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Yu Wang (Chongqing University)
Zhibo Wang (Zhejiang University)
Weiwei Wu (Southeastern University)
Chaocan Xiang (Chongqing University)
Dingqi Yang (Universidade de Macau)
Zheng Yang (Tsinghua University)
Zhiyong Yu (Fuzhou University)
Zhenzhe Zheng (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Anfu Zhou (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)

Technical Committee

Yaxing Chen (Northwestern Polytechnical University, President)
Yimeng Liu (Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Jiaju Ren (Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Yongbo Song (Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Yixuan Luo (Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Liruizhao Hou (Northwestern Polytechnical University)

Directed By

CCF Open Source Development Committee
CCF Pervasive Computing Committee
ACM Xi'an Chapter
Shaanxi Computer Society


Northwestern Polytechnical University


Tsinghua University
Peking University
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Zhejiang University
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Beijing Institute of Technology
Southeastern University
Jilin University
Chongqing University
Fuzhou University

Northwestern Polytechnical University has the right to finalize and interpret the above terms and conditions.

Previous Review

The first CrowdOS crowdsensing Open Source Competition is an open source project innovation competition relying on the 4th China Software Open Source Innovation Competition. The competition is co-organized by Peking University and the Green Computing Industry Alliance. Experts and professors from several universities, enterprises and alliances across China were invited to form the competition's event committee, organizing committee, publicity committee, and technical committee for each track, and other co-organizers. Nearly 4,000 people registered for the CrowdOS open source competition sponsored by Northwestern Polytechnical University. More than 50 renowned university teams from all over the world have applied for the competition, including National University of Singapore, Paris Institute of Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Science and Technology of China, etc. With the orderly organization of the event and the active efforts of the participating teams, CrowdOS ranked first in the number of teams finishing the 2021 China Software Open Source Innovation Competition, and two teams won the first and second prizes of the China Software Open Source Innovation Competition.