The Third CrowdOS Open Source Innovation Competition Upcoming
—— Relying on the Sixth China Software Open Source Competition

In order to promote the development of China's basic software, promote the construction of crowd sensing computing open source ecology, and explore the reform of open source education. The third "CrowdOS Open Source Innovation Competition" hosted by Northwestern Polytechnical University, relying on the 6th China Software Open Source Competition, is Upcoming. We invite global IoT and computing enthusiasts, researchers and developers to participate in the construction of crowd sensing perception ecology. CrowdOS is wonderful because of you!

Competition Introduction

Competition Background

The 6th China Software Open Source Innovation Competition is organized by the China Computer Federation (CCF) under the guidance of the Information Science Department of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and co-organized by Northwestern Polytechnic University, Green Computing Industry Alliance and CCF Open Source Development Committee. The competition is oriented to the national "14th Five-Year Plan" open source ecological development strategy layout, focusing on the "neck" software field and open source software in artificial intelligence, big data, chip design, Internet of Things and other frontier technology fields, aiming to provide a platform for the domestic open source community to showcase, exchange, cooperate and stimulate open source innovation, It aims to provide a platform for the domestic open source community to showcase, exchange and cooperate, stimulate the vitality of open source innovation, cultivate open source practical talents, and help the high-quality development of open source ecological construction. The theme of this year's competition is "Infinite Wonderful Creation", emphasizing that individual talents and passions contain great potential, and that by giving full play to the competition, you will reap endless surprises while realizing your self-worth.

The 3rd CrowdOS Open Source Task Challenge is determined to be included in the 6th competition, relying on the CrowdOS mobile swarm intelligence computing platform of Northwestern Polytechnic University. It is open to all school students and practitioners in IT-related fields, aiming to enhance people's ability to research algorithms and technical applications of crowd sensing through competition, and to promote the ecological construction of China's autonomous crowd sensing platform and the depth of application research.

Competition Design

The competition has set up two competition questions, and the participating teams can choose either one of them to compete. For the schedule of the warm-up, preliminary and final rounds, each topic is divided into three stages, and the participating teams will submit relevant materials after completing the stage tasks, and then advance to the next stage after review, and determine the corresponding winning positions.

Schedule & Awards

Warm-up stage: April - May
Preliminary stage: June - July
Final stage: August - September
Awards: October

Set up the special prize, the first prize, the second prize, the third prize and a number of winners.
The prizes are generous and abundant, please look forward to the subsequent release for details.

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Step 1:Registration

Registration Instructions

(1)Target: Teachers and students in colleges and universities, employees in enterprises, freelancers

(2)Team formation: Teams consist of 1 mentor (optional) and no more than 3 members

(3)Deadline: The registration channel is expected to close at the end of May

Registration Steps

Click the "Register Now" button in the upper right corner of GitLink to enter the registration page and fill in the registration information to register for the contest. The general process of registration is as follows:

(1)Create a team: Click "Create a team", fill in the team name, add instructors and players, and you can finish creating the team.

(2)Join a team: Click "Join a team" and fill in the invitation code to join an existing team. Note: Each student can only participate in 1 team in each event, and each teacher can be the instructor of multiple teams.

(3)Team editing: Team creators can edit and modify their created teams in the registration list, including the addition and deletion of group members, the addition of instructors, and the modification of team names.

Step 2:Submission

Official Competition Platform

The event requires entries to be submitted in corresponding projects on the official competition platform "GitLink" and contributions to be regularly synchronized to the project's root community. Depending on the task of the tournament entry, works are submitted in the following broad categories:

(1)Submit code contributions to existing open source projects: Find the project A in the GitLink platform, fork the project to create a copy of the project B under your name, collaborate on the development in project B, and then submit the code contributions to project A as a merge request (PR).

(2)Submit defects/feature requirements for existing open source projects: Find the project A in GitLink platform and submit the defects or feature requirements found in the Issue section of project A.

(3)Develop innovative applications around existing open source projects: Create an innovative application project A on the GitLink platform, initialize project A with the open source project code of the target event in the GitLink platform, and complete the application development accordingly.


Mentoring Unit

National Natural Science Foundation of China


China Computer Federation


Northwestern Polytechnical University
Green Computing Consortium
CCF Opensource Development Committee


Practical Teaching Working Committee of MOOC Alliance of China University Computer

Competition Committee Chairman

Zhiwen Yu(Professor,Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Bin Guo(Professor,Northwestern Polytechnical University)

Competition Committee Members

Liang Wang(Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Yaxing Chen(Northwestern Polytechnical University)

Technical Committee

Yixuan Luo(Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Liruizhao Hou(Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Ziyue Yu(Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Lele Zhao(Northwestern Polytechnical University)
Haoyang Li(Northwestern Polytechnical University)

Previous Review

The first CrowdOS crowdsensing Open Source Competition is an open source project innovation competition relying on the 4th China Software Open Source Innovation Competition. The competition is co-organized by Peking University and the Green Computing Industry Alliance. Experts and professors from several universities, enterprises and alliances across China were invited to form the competition's event committee, organizing committee, publicity committee, and technical committee for each track, and other co-organizers. Nearly 4,000 people registered for the CrowdOS open source competition sponsored by Northwestern Polytechnical University. More than 50 renowned university teams from all over the world have applied for the competition, including National University of Singapore, Paris Institute of Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Science and Technology of China, etc. With the orderly organization of the event and the active efforts of the participating teams, CrowdOS ranked first in the number of teams finishing the 2021 China Software Open Source Innovation Competition, and two teams won the first and second prizes of the China Software Open Source Innovation Competition.